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    For the operation of "Brand Ambassador", please read the Collection and Use of Personal Information below carefully before agreeing.
    Kuvings¹ collects and uses your personal information as follows for the "Brand Ambassador" activity:
      1. The Purpose of the Collection and Use of Personal Information: Product delivery, service management for Ambassador operation, market research, product/service development research.
      2. Collected Personal Information: Name, mobile phone number, country, address, email address, and social media link(s) and ID(s) for Ambassador activity (Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/Blog/Twitter, etc.), consent to use copyright rights, etc.
      3. Period of Retention and Use of Collected Personal Information: The collected personal information above is retained and used up to one year after the end of Ambassador activity, from the date of consent for collection and use.
    ※ However, if required by the provisions of relevant laws, Kuvings¹ keeps personal information for a certain period specified in the relevant laws and regulations.
    4. Personal Information Collector (Transfer of Collected Personal Information to Third Parties or Overseas Entities)
    Kuvings has designated the third party below for the control of personal information to provide the Ambassador services.
    < Contact Kuvings¹ > – Department : Kuvings Marketing Team of Headquarter
    – Team Lead : Hee Ju Yoon
    – Person in Charge : Jun Woo Kwon
    – Contact : www.kuvings.com, mrk@kuvings.com
    < Personal Information Controllers > – Job: Product shipping, service support for Ambassador activity
    – When and how personal information is transferred: At the time of Ambassador service operation via the network
    – Transferred personal information: Name, mobile phone number, country, address, and social media link and ID
    – Period of retention and use: Until the purpose of Ambassador service is achieved.
    – Countries and contact of the controllers : Learn more about Kuvings headquarters and international distributors
    5. You have the right to refuse to consent to the provision of your personal information. Refusing to consent, however, may result in restrictions in Kuvings’ "Brand Ambassador" activity.
    ※ The Corporation of Kuvings¹ refers to NUC ELECTRONICS CO., LTD, the head office holding Kuvings’ trademarks around the world.

    ※ If you do not agree to the above, your Kuvings’ Brand Ambassador activity may be restricted.

    Kuvings collects the following consent form for the operation of "Brand Ambassador". Please read the details below carefully and check whether or not you agree.
    1. Kuvings’ Brand Ambassador will be active for approximately three months from the date of consent and will take on the following roles set by Kuvings:
    – Creating reviews after using Kuvings’ products
    – Communication with customers on Kuvings’ social media (Participating in social media to promote our channels by sharing how to utilize Kuvings’ products, liking posts, adding comments, and sharing content)
    2. All content created (including portrait rights) shall be uploaded to the Ambassador’s social media account and introduced on Kuvings’ global social media.
    3. Kuvings obtains global rights to use content created by Ambassadors for marketing purposes.
    Kuvings’ global social media and homepage (including Kuvings’ official distributors around the world)
    Learn more about Kuvings’ headquarters and international distributors  
    4. Ambassadors must submit the original image and video files to the Ambassador Manager.
    5. Ambassadors will be working for three months after consent is provided, and they must complete all the given missions during the period. Failure to complete the three missions will lead to the extension of the Ambassador period.
    6. Ambassadors are responsible for any loss or damage to the products provided for the Brand Ambassador activity.
    – Defective products upon receipt of the product will be replaced or repaired immediately.
    7. If an Ambassador does not fulfill their duty or is not in constant communication, they must be suspended and return the products.
    8. I agree that contents including reviews, photos, and videos on Kuvings’ products on my social media accounts are disclosed, used, or provided to websites operated by Kuvings and other stores around the world through the methods of copying, distributing, public transmission, and broadcasting without a fixed period of time and that the copyrights regarding the revision, modification, and deletion of secondary contents are comprehensively used.
    ※ If you do not agree to the above, your Kuvings’ "Brand Ambassador" activity may be restricted.

    ※ If you do not agree to the above, your Kuvings’ Brand Ambassador activity may be restricted.

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    Jun 10th, 2022


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